Reasons to get recumbent bike!

Reasons to not get recumbent

How a bike hater became a bike fan!

Erectile dysfunction and bikes

Recumbent types (and good dealer)

What would Jesus have driven? 

Speed Record made on a recumbent bicycle!

And What about Trikes? 

Helmets - why wear them?




Last Updated: 05/05/2017

Sue's Recumbent Cycling Site

The worst day on a bicycle is better than the best day in a car!
The worst day on a RECUMBENT bike is better than the best day on an upright! :)

"RE: recumbent bikes and age.  There's a reason recumbents are disallowed in normal competition:  they go faster and they don't, ahem, damage your down tube, if you know what I mean."  (AG)

Lance Armstrong says he'd try a 'bent if it were legal in the Tour!  News: Lance has announced that the 2005 TdF will be his last professional race.

Tour de France news

The Recumbent Experience!  

Louisville Chiropractor says recumbents are the most healthy form of cycling!

Dr Louis Maharam (fitness advisor to the astronauts and fellow with the American College of Sports Medicine!) on upright biking:

"Some men [cyclists] have had erectile dysfunction...Some women get numbness and complain of orgasmic dysfunction as well ... Usually these things are not permanent, and just by changing the seat it gets better." (in other words, get a recumbent and you'll get better!)

The Lancet study on 45 mountain bikers showed that 43 of them had scrotal damage!

Dr. Ferdinand Frauscher, a urology-radiology specialist at University
Hospital in Innsbruck, Austria, said he studied about 55 avid mountain
bikers and found nearly 90 percent had low sperm counts and scrotal
abnormalities (12-02-02)

No recumbent dealer in your town?  These dealers ship! (most bike shops have a recumbent or two now!)



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